Dawg Yawp, Los Colognes bring contrasting psychedelic vibrations to The Burl

By Matt Wickstrom

On a Friday night that featured a smorgasbord of top shelf music including Mike Dillon and Big Fresh, it was Cincinnati’s Dawg Yawp and Nashville’s Los Colognes that stole the show at The Burl in a show co-organized by Dead Audio Blog.

Dawg Yawp opened the night with a synth and electronic heavy set that opened with fan-fan favorite “I Wanna be a Dawg”. The set also included “East Virginia Blues”, “Can’t Think” and “Lost at Sea” as the finale, which received a standing ovation from an enthusiastic Lexington crowd that sitar player Tyler Randall referred to as the band’s second home.

Los Colognes followed with an equally psychedelic sound, but leaning more strongly toward influences of The Grateful Dead and Dire Straits (shout out to Travis Young for the comparison). The group drew a large contingent in the audience who saw them in Louisville at Forecastle the prior summer. The group performed “Molly B Good”, “Working Together” and many of their other top hits along with a Grateful Dead Cover (although I don’t recall the specific song.

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