It was an old Texaco. Now it’s a vintage arcade where you can party like it’s 1989.

By Matt Wickstrom

A row of pinball machines Thursday at the Burl Arcade in Lexington. The Burl Arcade offers a variety of retro games including Pac-Man, Galaga, skee ball and pinball. Alex Slitz:

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Thanks to one Lexington bar, you can now party like it’s 1989. In May, The Burl opened up The Burl Arcade, bringing dozens of vintage arcade nostalgia games to its compound in the city’s booming Distillery District. Housed inside an old Texaco garage, the building was constructed in the 1920s and first used, along with the music venue next door, as part of a train loading station.

Leading The Burl Arcade’s lineup of more than 30 games are familiar favorites such as “Dig Dug,” “Donkey Kong,” “NBA Jam” and “NFL Blitz,” joined by nearly a dozen pinball machines that include “Star Wars,” “The Walking Dead” and “Metallica.” Most games are at the vintage price of 25 cents a play, though pinball is $1.

Read the full story at LexGo.

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