Taking it personally: New EP ‘Old Flame’ shares musician’s story of tragedy, triumph

By Matt Wickstrom

Maggie Lander is a Lexington musician who has just released her new album ‘Old Flame’ on iTunes. She plays Saturday night at Willie’s Locally Known on Southland Drive. Photo by Matt Goins

LEXINGTON, Ky. — A staple in the Lexington music scene for nearly a decade has been multi-instrumentalist Maggie Lander.

At times wielding a fiddle, other times a guitar, Lander has shared the stage with Sassafras, Patrick McNeese Band, The Landers and more recently The Rooster’s Crow. However, now Lander has a new set of stories to tell on her EP “Old Flame,” out August 17 that she says the inspiration for stemmed from a tumultuous breakup.

“I had this deep hurt happening that I needed to get out — and writing it down seems to be the only way I know how to do that,” said Lander. “So I went on a mission to exercise the ‘demons.’ With every song I finished more of this weight lifted off of me.”

Read the full story at LexGO.

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