PREMIERE: People Planet tackle heartache, anger and confusion on ‘Rehab’

By Matt Wickstrom

People Planet is (L-R) Charlie Overman, Jack Quinn, Daisy Helmuth and Madeline Farrar

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Lexington four-piece People Planet has released “Rehab,” the first single off their debut EP, scheduled for release on Dec. 28. 

Don’t let the pop hooks or sweet vocals fool you. The lyrics are open and brave, sung with edge and emotion. To listen for a moment, it is perceptible that the band have been acquainted since birth. As a band, they reveal a symbiotic rhythm and musicality that moves beyond structured collaboration. Charlie Overman’s Santana-like guitar phrases serve to carry the flow while Madeline Farrar’s bass punctuation and pace assist Jack Quinn’s natural groove – all with a current of warmth and surge. Daisy Helmuth’s disarming voice finishes the mix, seizing each second in a continuum of stunning subtlety.

Helmuth, daughter of longtime Lexington musician Otto Helmuth (The Blueberries, Otto), was earning attention as a solo performer when at 16 she felt the itch to form a full band. Rather than submit to offers from veteran adult musicians, Daisy invited a few mates to her family’s Kentucky woodshed, and something clicked. Two girls and two guys forged a grooving pop-rock twang; country grit, a bluesy punch and the “People Planet” sound was born.

People Planet will celebrate the release of their debut EP with a show in Lexington at Tadoo with The Slaps and Boytown USA on Dec. 29.

Watch the music video for “Rehab” below, which was filmed and edited by Jack Dunavant. Look for the song on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services on Nov. 23.



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