Justin Wells, Chelsea Nolan and Sean Whiting coming to 2nd annual Festival of the Red

By Matt Wickstrom

Justin Wells performing at Kickin it on the Creek outside Irvine, Ky., on Sept. 15, 2017.

SLADE, Ky. — Signature Kentucky soul, country and Americana will converge on the National Bridge Campground in Slade, Ky. from June 28-30, 2019, for the second annual Festival of the Red featuring performances from former Fifth on the Floor frontman Justin Wells, rising songbird Chelsea Nolan and soul-soaked rocker Sean Whiting & The Handsome Bastards.

Joining Wells, Nolan and Whiting are an array of artists from Kentucky, West Virginia and Kansas that include Laid Back Country Picker, T.A. Clayton & The Soulminers, Eric Bolander & These Assholes, Jeremy Short, The Local Honeys, Charles Wesley Godwin, Chris Stewart, Luna & The Mountain Jes, Josh Nolan, Chad Vaughn, Chris & Jenn Shouse, Aaron Boyd, Red River Revival, Tyler Smith, Jinx Machine, The Handshake Deals, Jennifer Richardson & Ed Hughes; Waylon Nelson, Spooky Fox, Donovan Howard, Ritch Henderson, Ethan Wayne, Seth Ferguson and Brittany Snowden & Southern Soul.

In addition to music, Festival of the Red allows ample opporutnity to center yourself around nature, with numerous walking trails and scenic areas in the nearby Natural Bridge State Resort Park and Red River Gorge – one of the world’s top rock climbing destinations – both nestled inside the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Tickets for Festival of the Red will be available on Jan. 18. For more information visit festivalofthered.com.

Poster by Eric Bolander


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