PREMIERE: Home Grown Head Band unleash rock ‘n roll fury on “Time Repeated”

By Matt Wickstrom

Home Grown Head Band. Patrick Brumback Photography

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Home Grown Head Band have released new song “Time Repeated,” a high-intensity rock ‘n’ roll thriller accompanied by a horned fury. Listen below.

The track is the first of a handful of singles to be released by the band over the upcoming months ahead dropping their debut album, currently slotted for a May release. The project is being recorded at guitarist/vocalist Drew Cercone’s home studio, dubbed Home Grown Headquarters. Formed in 2015, the band is comprised of the aforementioned Cercone along with trumpeter Will Philips, bassist Tyler Stamper and percussionist Evan Strippelhoff. According to Cercone, he’d been pondering the idea of the song for a couple of years, one of making the most of your time on Earth and doing what makes you happy.

“I’ve been stuck on this time thing for a few years now,” said Cercone. “Writing about time conceptually is my way of grasping life itself, and learning to appreciate things more in general. The album as a whole shares this theme. Life is too short, so we gotta find ways to do what we love to do and be good to one another in the process.”

Watch a time-lapse video of the band recording “Time Repeated” below. Home Grown Head Band is next in action on Jan. 27 at The Burl with Fine Lines and Champs of the Sun. For more information visit


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