LISTEN: Rachel Crowe sings sultry, southern blues on “I Can’t Quit You”

By Matt Wickstrom

Rachel Crowe

STANTON, Ky. — Eastern Kentucky blues ambassador Rachel Crowe has shared “I Can’t Quit You,” the first single from her forthcoming EP due out this summer.

The song, which was recorded outside of Lexington with Jeff Myers at Tower Station Studios, begins with a swampy, southern rock medley prior to Crowe jumping in with a strong, bluesy vocal storm. Similar to Maggie Noelle (Magnolia Boulevard) and Joslyn Hampton (Joslyn & The Sweet Compression), Crowe’s biggest strength is the ability to pour every ounce of energy and emotion from within into her vocal performance, amplified in this case even more by the song and it’s tale of trying to make a fractured relationship work.

“I wasn’t in a great headspace when I wrote this song,” Crowe said. “I was in an on again, off again relationship and it just hit me loving him was a drug and I needed help. So the first verse was done with just by having a conversation with myself.”

Accompanying Crowe are Jonathan New on slide guitar and bass, Kenny Meredith on harmonica and Johnny Johnson on drums.

Crowe will be performing throughout the state over the coming months including a solo show on May 21 for the Listen Locally Songwriters in the Round at Slainte Public House in Georgetown with Amanda Turner (Wicked Peace), David Napier (Driftwood Gypsy), Chelsea Adams, John Lovern, and Marcus Wilkerson as well as on June 14 at Proud Mary BBQ with the full band.

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