PREMIERE: Ivy Rye release debut single “Life is Good”

By Matt Wickstrom

Ivy Rye. Photo by Ali Garey

LEXINGTON, Ky. — We’re excited today to share “Life is Good,” the debut single from Ivy Rye, the Lexington-based quintet bringing together rock, hip hop and pop-punk influences for a sound pulling from 90s rock stalwarts such as Rage Against the Machine while at the same time throwing in a modern, pop aesthetic accompanied with dueling guitars and high-flying solos.

The band conjures up a particularly poppy, melodic feel on “Life is Good,” which has lead vocalist Deven Roberts singing of a jilted ex-lover and how the experience made him realize he was better off without her, exclaiming throughout the chorus “My life is so good it’s so beautiful / now that you’re gone / and I can be free / I can be me / I don’t need nobody else but myself” while the rest of the band – guitarists Colin Michael and Karl Washington; bassist Chris Wheeler and drummer Skyler Hill – add a soft layer of harmony to the mix. As the song continues Ivy Rye’s edgy rock influence moves ever closer to the forefront, with Roberts vocals accelerating in intensity as the band follows, jumping into an instrumental onslaught that provides a glimpse into the band’s frenetic and uninhibited live show.

The group packed up and headed to Chicago to record the track – along with four others – earlier this summer at Fuzzball Recording with Marc McClusky (Weezer, Bad Religion, Motion City Soundtrack, Everclear). The group plans to head back to Fuzzball this fall/winter to record another five tracks to round out their eventual debut album.

Watch a lyric video for “Life is Good” by Anthony Tran below.

Ivy Rye’s next show in Lexington is on Oct. 4 at The Burl, where they’ll be throwing down in support of Morehead-based rockers Bedford Band’s album release alongside Trippin’ Roots and Short & Company. To keep up with Ivy Rye’s upcoming shows and more follow the band on Facebook.


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