WICK’S PICKS #81 (Moonshiner’s Ball preview)

By Matt Wickstrom

Rayland Baxter. Photo by Shervin Lainez

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Yesterday morning Angela Meyer, a board member of the Moonshiner’s Ball, joined me to preview this year’s event taking place Oct. 10-13 in Livingston, Ky.

However, prior to Meyer joining me we ran through a number of tunes from artists you can catch in town this week (for those not planning on going to Moonshiner’s) including Grits & Soul, Smooth Hound Smith, Wicked Peace, Ben Sollee and others.

The Moonshiner’s Ball preview with Meyer began during hour two of the show with a dive into new events and activities coming to this year’s iteration of the event – the sixth overall and second during the fall at RockCastle Riverside – before running through the music lineup for the entire weekend. Mixed amongst the conversation was music from several Moonshiner’s artists including Brass Against, Jordan Smart and Rayland Baxter, among others.

View the full playlist from today’s show here. Listen to an archive of the broadcast below. For more information on the Moonshiner’s Ball visit TheMoonshinersBall.com.

Wick’s Picks #81

Join me next Monday, Oct. 14 from 9-11 a.m. for episode 82 of Wick’s Picks on Lexington Community Radio. We’ll be putting a wrap on our Moonshiner’s Ball coverage with a look back on the weekend in addition to looking ahead at shows coming up in Central Kentucky. Tune in at 93.9 FM or LexingtonCommunityRadio.org.


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