WICK'S PICKS 93: Padre Paul Handelman

Padre Paul Handelman joined me this week for episode 93 of Wick’s Picks on RadioLEX.

WICK'S PICKS 91: Master Musicians Festival

Master Musicians Festival Vice President Jessica Crockett joined me this week on Wick’s Picks on RadioLex to discuss the recently announced lineup for the festival’s 27th annual gathering coming up July 17-18.

Wick's Picks #87: Magnolia Boulevard

Maggie Noelle and Gregg Erwin of Magnolia Boulevard joined me last night for an in-studio interview and performance during episode 87 of Wick’s Picks on RadioLex.

WICK’S PICKS #86: Wicked Peace

Experimental indie rockers Wicked Peace joined me this week during Wick’s Picks on RadioLex on the heels of releasing their debut full-length album Rock N Roll Racecar on Nov. 22.

WICK’S PICKS #84: Vintage Pistol

Vintage Pistol stopped by the studio this week during the first episode of Wick’s Picks during its new Tuesday time slot on RadioLEX.