WICK'S PICKS 88: Whalerus and Sour Cream

Surf punk trio Whalerus and psych rock trio Sour Cream Band join me for the first episode of Wick’s Picks in 2020.

Wick’s Picks: Ep. 12 – 3/21/18 (w/Duane Lundy)

Listen to an archive of the March 21 broadcast of Wick’s Picks with guest Duane Lundy, lead sound engineer at Lexington’s Shangri-la Productions, as we discuss how he got his start as an engineer, how his collaboration with Vandaveer and Ringo Starr came together, current projects and much more.

Brian Owens shares the ‘Soul of Ferguson’

For Brian Owens, music has been a part of the fabric of his upbringing. Owens grew up in Belleville, Illinois, part a musical family led by his father, a pastor, leading him to singing in the church choir for much of his childhood.

One on One with Vandaveer’s Mark Charles Heidinger

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with Mark Charles Heidinger ahead of Vandaveer’s March 13 show at the Downtown Arts Center in Lexington. We discussed musical beginnings, Lexington ties, ‘The Wild Mercury’, Kentucky pride, and much more.

Vandaveer shows pride in its Lexington roots, releases new album

The musical escapades of Mark Charles Heidinger have seen the Lexingtonian traverse the country, but his strong Kentucky ties always seem to find their way into the folk-pop stylings of his near decade old project, Vandaveer, which released its fifth full length album, “The Wild Mercury,” Feb. 19.