LIVE MENU: June 17-23

The indie-folk stylings of Horse Feathers, iconic Louisville rap quartet Nappy Roots and the hip-hop and rock fusion of Ivyrye are on tap on this week’s live menu.


One on One with Vandaveer’s Mark Charles Heidinger

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with Mark Charles Heidinger ahead of Vandaveer’s March 13 show at the Downtown Arts Center in Lexington. We discussed musical beginnings, Lexington ties, ‘The Wild Mercury’, Kentucky pride, and much more.

Vandaveer shows pride in its Lexington roots, releases new album

The musical escapades of Mark Charles Heidinger have seen the Lexingtonian traverse the country, but his strong Kentucky ties always seem to find their way into the folk-pop stylings of his near decade old project, Vandaveer, which released its fifth full length album, “The Wild Mercury,” Feb. 19.